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Suffer the children

Flaws, Foibles, Fallacies and the Grave Shortcomings of Pediatric Care


A gem of a book...Its lessons are important and are not limited to pediatrics: every health care provider and every patient could benefit from reading this book.”
— Harriet Hall M.D., author of Women Aren't Supposed to Fly
Dr. Palmieri has an admirably clear style and an enviable ability to explain scientific and medical concepts so that anyone can understand them… This is an excellent book that every parent and pediatrician should read and take to heart.
— Mama Mara, “Science, medicine, and psychology for the discerning mommy”
Suffer the Children is a comprehensive and accurate assessment of what needs to change in the practice of pediatrics. It should be read by the directors of every pediatric training program.
— William Wilkoff, M.D. Pediatrician and author of Coping with a Picky Eater: A Guide for the Perplexed Parent

Parents Beware:

The most dangerous place for children to visit are not schools or playgrounds but doctor's offices and hospitals. A Board Certified pediatrician with over 20 years of experience exposes the darkest secrets of his profession. Far from being the lucid application of scientific principles in the patient’s best interest, the practice of Pediatrics is often driven by the fear of lawsuits and the desire to please parents; hampered by human fallibility and time constraints; and tainted by conflicts of interest and greed. Unnecessary tests are routinely misinterpreted, leading physicians to label children with incorrect diagnoses and to submit them to unnecessary, harmful treatments. Too often, childhood health problems are approached with a breezy lack of discipline and a want of diligence.

Suffer the Children is an eye-opening confession, a candid portrayal of the unsatisfactory state of affairs in pediatric care, revealing the vast gulf that separates evidence-based precepts from the actual practice of Pediatrics. It shows how doctors routinely mismanage the most fundamental problems that bring children to their attention and catalogs alarming misconceptions held by many pediatricians. The book reveals standard errors resulting from flawed thinking, and it exposes unscrupulous practices based on financial conflicts of interest. Finally, it offers a roadmap to improve the quality of pediatric care while providing practical suggestions for parents to avert medical misadventures with their children.